Select Date & Time first

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Marc Hansen

It can be a cool feature to select first Date & Time and then there will be show only available Staff Members. Maybe it can be possible to customize the complete chronological Order?

11 months ago


This is a must have feature for me. I hope they add it to the roadmap ASAP!

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I really need to know if this is going to be implemented because in few months I'll need this feature... I think other plugins doesn't have this feature !

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For me is also important this featured because customer will choose depending of the availabilty

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Calixto Garcia Plaza

It should also be possible to select the date and time first and then only the services that are available at that time appear. In the case of sports courts, the schedule is more important for the user than choosing the court. Te courts are usually all the same. It is also very inconvenient for the client to enter each of the services to see if it is available. A lot of time is lost and constant complaints are received, which takes a lot of value out of the plugin.

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I am not able to understand your situation. Are you saying that you have tennis court and football ground then the type of game does not matter???

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