Easy sign up process for customers

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Whenever any customer book our services, we want them to be automatically logged in to our site. Definitely, if anyone already put their details and booked our service, and they are still restricted from seeing their booking details, its frustrating for them (for now, customers only can see the order details after the lengthy process of forgetting their password process)

To solve that issue, I think we need to customise the basic profile details section while booking any service. Like, they need to put in a username and password while booking their services. And after booking any service, they easily view their booking details in my booking section. It will be a really nice and straightforward process.

And also, there is no signup process on this plugin. We need a simple Sign Up process.

6 months ago


Exactly. Here's what you need to make scheduling an appointment easier.

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Yes please, definitely needed

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It is "must-have" option

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🎉 Feature