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Calender overview in frontend

I have 2 CTAs in my front end, one for the Form, and one i would like to get a overview of the calender overview, so i can see a hole mounth, and see what times there is ion the calender, and what days there is non in.
I'm using your app here as a booking for a commenroom in my department building, so there is no reguluar times in the calender, but need the tendens to see what days they can book the commenroom for partyes, eating together and so on.

Is that posibel?
Is there a short code for that?

The image showes the backend, but would like that in the front end, and a cta in the top for booking perhaps?

Hope you can help



1 year ago


Yeah, I'd love to have this feature too, to display the monthly view from admin panel to everyone on the website (maybe with a shortcode) and show who booked what.

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