User need not choose payment type if only one payment type is configured


At present if I configure only one payment type (Stripe) then also it asks to choose payment type.
It should not ask for any payment type as only one is configured. It should directly take to CC details even without asking for

8 months ago

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4 months ago


+1 for this.
My customers don't know or care about Woocommerce (Or Klarna or Stripe or any other gateway). If I only have one payment gateway on the site, it should just default to that option without the user having to select, or even know about it.

When they see "Choose payment method", they're thinking Credit or debit. It's a confusing step to have them have to select WooCommerce since they will likely never have heard of it.

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I agree with Fraserismith 100%

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🎉 Feature