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Please add recurring bookings.

9 months ago


I am a bit disappointed that the Recurring Appointment feature is only part of the pro versions of BookingPress. It gave me the idea that if you have a basic BookingPress plan you should be able to buy this (or other add ons) for a nice-price without delving way down in the pocket to get a pro variation of this plugin. I pay € 99,- per year and can't have recurring appointments and no trouble free integration into BP or Woo. In this sense the plugin is overpriced.

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2 months ago

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3 months ago


Hi , I am looking for a direct debit function that will take payment automatically every month so the customer does not have to go back into the system to book every week and also does not have to buy a block booking at once. A recurring booking is fine but there must be an automated payment function that is processed until the customer wants to cancel. Is this something that is possible with your system? At the moment it is not really workable as a system as each booking has to be made separately and as a single booking. I have not chosen your app but was given it using IONIS websites so don't have much choice yet.

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This my account details 7017083370

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Buye zIn

Waiting for this update to purchase the subscription. Without this recurring calendar scheduling I have no use of this plugin. Scheduling classes manually for loner period is tedious task. Otherwise it looks great option.

My usable scenario is mentioned below.
Amanda is booking for violin class on every Monday 5PM for next 6 months. The tutor name is Xavier. Upon confirming the booking, this plugin must create a schedule blocking every Monday 5PM for the tutor Xavier and after the schedule unblock the calendar.

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Buye zIn

Any updates on this? 😐

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I would like to have group session that occur over multiple weeks. It should be a package that can be sold and contains several dates for the sessions to occur. Clients book the package containing all the dates/timeslots.

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How would you like to take payment? altogether Or just before every appointment of the group?

How about the refund? What should happen if customer want to cancel one slot from the group session?

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in my opinion, the payment must be all in a single solution at the beginning (for this reason, in my opinion, a package of several appointments will be offered at a discounted price paid all in advance) and the customer can already book all the appointments or only the first one initially .
in case of cancellation of a slot, I would give the possibility to reschedule the appointment to another day.

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Payment should be made in advance for the whole packadge (grouped) using the payment methode of the settings (I use woocommerce). Refund should be a percentage of the total. Lets say 10 groupsessions and 2 are canceled.. then the refund is 20%.. unless the cancelation was not done within the set time to cancel (lets say before 48 hours).

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6 months ago

Ellis Parsonage

I'm unsure why such a basic feature isn't included, please add or unfortunately I'll have to use an alternative.

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This is MUSTTTTTT indeed...would be great to enrol my students on a weekly schedule or setting up a service so it can run every 3 times a week for beginners/intermediate classes at said time

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Yes, I am offering my yoga classes. I need to be able to give my clients a package of 6 sessions or 4 sessions at a time and offer a DISCOUNT when they buy in bulk like this. This should be a NO BRAINER for a booking system like this. I am disappointed that it doesn't offer it and I am considering asking for my money back.

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I think you are asking more like package and bulk deal kind of things. Can you please explain more about it?

Like if you want to set package price then do you think user must schedule all the appointment at the time of buying package??

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It would also be nice to be able to have options for recurring bookings so that the client can set them manually or in blocks of e.g. 5. Also, it would be great if there was an option to give a reduction for recurring bookings (not automatically, but if the service provider wanted to make a block price).

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This is a requirement for my solution as well

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This is a must indeed.

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🎉 Feature