My Booking Sorting and Disable past date

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My booking for customer frontend sort by latest booking. Another feature is disable the time slot that has pass the current time because it is invalid to book them.

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1) Order of Appointments: BookingPress is designed to display appointments in order of the latest booking first. This feature aims to provide clarity and convenience, ensuring that users are aware of their most recent bookings made. Additionally, we have implemented filters to further enhance the user experience by allowing users to easily navigate through their appointment history.

2) Disabling Past Timeslots: BookingPress automatically disables timeslots that have already passed, preventing users from making bookings for dates and times that have already elapsed. This functionality helps maintain the integrity of the booking system and ensures accurate scheduling. However, if you are experiencing issues with this feature, it's essential to verify that your WordPress Timezone Settings are correctly configured to align with your system's timezone. By adjusting the timezone settings in WordPress > Settings > General, you can ensure that the system accurately reflects your region's timezone.


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