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Each time a customer creates an appointment it creates a new person under Customers for them. I end up with a ton entries for the same customer. Information is all the same, name phone number, email even capitalization is the same. Is there a way to clean this up or merge customers to retain the appointment statistics?


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it seems that you've disabled the 'Create WordPress user upon booking' option from the BookingPress > Settings ( for free version ) or from the BookingPress > Settings > Customers ( for paid version ) and that's why it's happening.

Please note that if the email is not associated with the WordPress account and the option is disabled, then it'll create a new customer every time someone book an appointment.

I would recommend you please enable that option and then whenever a customer book an appointment with the same email address, all the previous appointments booked with the same email will be merged in the new customer account. After that, you can remove the older customer records. But please be careful while deleting the older record and it's recommended to keep a backup before proceeding with that.


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