Geolocation and geofence for better location matching

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Geolocation and geofence capabilities

It would be great if you could create a geolocation and geofence module. My business is a home service across the U.K. so my service providers only cover certain regions which may overlap across the U.K. The current location module is not suitable or user friendly for this because then I have to make each region a location which makes a long list for the customer to choose at the frontend.

The ideal solution is having a geolocation and geofence functionality. So the service providers input their geofence on their profiles for the regions the cover for each service. Then the flow for the customer is that they input their geolocation first (eg postcode or locateme) And then the services that have the location inside its geofence from the service providers are shown, then the customer is shown the available appointment slots dependent on the service providers hours availability.

For example, see this solution

I will need to find a solution if you can’t create one because I can’t scale my business without having this functionality


4 months ago

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