GA/GTM/GAds Integration

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Some kind of integration with above services would be more than nice.
I think it would be a selling point.
An option/addon Measurement with some kind of options to be activated to send specific eventsa adapted with per service parameters.
Send GTM events
Send GA4 events
Send GAds Remarketing events
Don't bother inserting the necessary scripts. It should be inserted already in my opinion.
For GAds you can use the Custom business type and an unique combination of the service ID and service category ID/name/staff as ID and ID2 parameters
Some kind of a list of predefined events adapted to the specific service like (these are custom events that con be implemented in GTM/GA4 and even in GAds as long as you pass the ID of the service
purchase / purchase_succesful / conversion
In the backend

All the events should have a value parameter to be actionable in their respective platform

That's my two bits


11 months ago

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🎉 Feature