Filters for services in the calendar and staff in the admin panel

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There are filters for services in the calendar in the admin panel, but you can only select services individually, and you cannot select groups at once. For example: My services are divided into 4 categories: surgery, orthopedics, therapy, X-ray. Will it be possible to select not only artificial services, but the entire category in the calendar? For example, I have 10 services in the surgery category, and so that I don't have to select all 10 items in a row, but I can select a category (now it is not selected) and all 10 services would be added to the calendar at once.

And it would be nice to add services to doctors not only one at a time, but also several at a time. For example, choose the category "Surgery" and the doctor would be added to the list of 10 services at a time.

And will the ability to divide staff into categories also be added? This would be very handy when a lot of staff are added. For example, it would be possible to add the same categories to staff as to services. For example, I went to the personnel section, selected the "Surgery" category, and only surgeons would be displayed, not the entire list of doctors. The same sorting option would be convenient when viewing the calendar in the admin panel.


1 year ago

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