Enhanced holiday handling for reservation durations

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Currently, the BookingPress system handles holidays (non-working days) uniformly across all reservation types, impacting the ability to book one-month (30 days) or weekly reservations whenever a holiday falls within the reservation period. This results in the impossibility of making a one-month-long reservation in months with holidays, as the system requires the service duration to be in a continuous flow without disruptions due to non-working days.


We propose an enhancement to the holiday handling mechanism to allow more flexibility in how holidays affect reservation durations. Specifically, we suggest the system should differentiate the impact of holidays on reservations based on their duration:

Monthly and Weekly Reservations: Holidays should not shorten the reservation period. Instead, the system should automatically extend the reservation to account for any holidays, ensuring the full service duration (e.g., 30 days for monthly reservations) is maintained. This approach will enable users to make one-month or weekly reservations without being impacted by non-working days within the month.

Daily and Half-Day Reservations: For reservations that are made on a per-day or half-day basis, holidays should continue to affect availability as currently implemented. This means if a holiday falls on a day where a daily or half-day reservation is made, the reservation should either be not possible or adjusted according to the existing holiday handling rules.

1 month ago