Client time zone calculation bug

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Hello team Bookingpress,
First of all thanks for keeping the good job!

Second, I would like to report a bug I found when developing my platform for online coaching. I am using the Staff Member add-on and the Google Calendar Integration add-on.

When using the Staff member's synchronised calendar, Bookingpress won't calculate properly the time zone for the user anymore, but instead it will take the server's time zone.

For example, my staff member is located in EST (UTC−05) time zone. My server is set at GMT (UTC+0). I am in CEST (UTC+2). When I tested a booking, it displayed 11:00AM CEST for me, but then it logged an appointment for my coach at 9AM EST.

Her available slot was indeed at 9AM, that's the source of truth.

What I conclude is that the system overrides her EST time with the server's GMT, and then shows me 11:00AM (CEST) as available, just 2 hours difference, exactly like the difference between MY time zone and the SERVER time zone, but completely ignored the STAFF MEMBER's time zone.

Would really appreciate it if you could take into account that the staff members could be located in a different timezone from the server. The information should not be discarded when using the Google Calendar Integration.

Let me know if I can provide any further details to help debugging this issue.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

Chin Man Yeung

9 months ago

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