BuddyBoss & BuddyPress Integration

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Integrate BookPress with BuddyBoss to enable a direct booking system within the BuddyBoss platform for multiple members. This integration would add a dedicated "Bookings" tab and a simplified dashboard for users to manage their bookings and services/costs from their profile.


  • Provide a seamless booking interface within BuddyBoss.
  • Allow users to manage their bookings, including scheduling, appointments, and cancellations.
  • Allow payments through selected gateway including WooCommerce
  • Be independdnt of Woocommerce bookings ie not require WC bookimngs/scheduling

Functional Requirements:

  • Bookings Tab: Introduce a "Bookings" section accessible from the main navigation of BuddyBoss where users can view and manage their bookings.
  • User-Generated Bookings: Allow users to create and customize their own schedules and appointments.
  • Dashboard: Users should have a dashboard to view their active and historical bookings, manage cancellations, and receive updates on booking status.

2 months ago

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