Add a break after each booking

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Alexander Lemberg

If a client books a massage from 10:00 - 10:45, the next available time slot is from 10:45 - onwards. It would be nice (and necessary) to be able to add an x-minute break (e.g. 15 minut break) after each booking before the next available time slot.

8 months ago


You can use buffer time option to achieve this. Please open support ticket to get help on this.

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Alexander Lemberg

A way to do this is to have a visible duration for the booking for the customer (e.g. 45 min), an then an actual duration (e.g. 60 minutes). Then when the customer books a 45 minute session, 60 minutes would be locked out from the time slot selection.

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Alexander Lemberg

A "display time" for the user front-end calendar (e.g. 45 minutes), and an actual time that gets locked in the back-end calendar (e.g. 60 minutes).

You have a feature to add breaks manually, but when having different lengths of services, this is not ideal, because then the break might become very long, locking out the calendar unnecessarily if the booking is not timed perfectly.

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