Ability to Sell Packages

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Be able to sell multiple services as one product with or without a recurring appointment.

8 months ago

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I am creating a website for a client who is a beautician and she has a few packages to add

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I would like to have group session that occur over multiple weeks. It should be a package that can be sold and contains several dates for the sessions to occur. Clients book the package containing all the dates/timeslots.

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I feel like that should be an β€œevent” rather than a package.

A package in this context would be buying multiple services, or multiple of the same service, and you’d have freedom to pick when you book them.

I do also agree that β€œevents” should be considered. Where you have 1 service with multiple dates that you buy as a package

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@Soubhi: I think it is a bit of semantics as to what the word is to describe a certain functionality. From your response I gather that we both agree that the described functionality would be a great asset to the workings of the plugin. I call it "packages" and you prefer "events".

It would be wonderful if the plugin allows for us to give it our own title/name to fit our purpose/business model. You described it best: " 1 service with multiple dates that you buy as a package".

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It Hbhinstitute

Additionally, Be able to sell multiple Packages under one service
(i.e, when hovering/selecting service, show drop down to select packages)

so there will be no need to add multiple services for each package.

l say, 5 services with 3 plans of each. so in total, I have to add 15 services.
service 1 and Plan 1
service 1 and Plan 2
service 1 and Plan 3

service 2 and Plan 1
service 2 and Plan 2
service 2 and Plan 3

and so on....

so it will big mess for the database.

In my opinion,, hovering/selecting can be achieved if we create one table for defining plans and packages.
which is linked to that hovering dropdown

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Imprescindible para crear PACKS de servicios

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