Ability to handle more than 400services

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example all brands and models of phones (samsung and iphone). All repair services starting from changing port, replacement of camera and etc. estimate services is 400+

How to handle and cater it on booking press? not just like other booking appointment where you need to scroll down just to find the service that you want. we are talking about customer user friendly usage of bookingPress.

In order to cater this issue. There are two possible solution:

  1. To create a Subcategory
    example: brands - samsung, iphone, motorola, LG and etc. this brands have there own model then selection of SERVICES.

  2. Able to search a service.
    if subcategory is not possible, maybe atleast able to add a search bar. right?

I submitted a ticket on technical support but it seems they doesn't have solution for this. would like to hear more.

5 months ago


the idea is great. basically its use is to organized your services if you have around hundreds services.

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