ability to block off time for vacation

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Hello - unless there is a way to already - I would like to request a way to block off time on the calendar so a client does not book when staff is not available.

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yes pleaseee, i need it

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This is available as far as I can see and it worked quite well for us,

It's possible to set per staff member as per :

and for the shop:

It was slow to add as it's per day setting, but works well in my opinion.

Hope this helps.

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This is greatly needed, especially in terms of blocking the time off because there are shops which don't want to open slots more than some logical limit, e.g. end of the next month and this is where that current "days ahead" control doesn't help.

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Good idea. I suggested something similar, the only difference in my idea is also allowing for noting when someone is busy, but it doesn't take up an entire day and are availible to keep working before or after this time. So using holidays for this wouldn't work, and using breaks wouldn't work either, as those are applied to a specific day of the week, rather than specific days within a month.

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🎉 Feature